Price Guarantee

For shipments through to door we guarantee our prices.

Our all-inclusive Door to Door price will be based on the items we viewed and listed on the estimate sheet accompanying the quotation.

You will NOT be charged any extra charges at the destination unless it is backed up with an official receipt such as customs duties on a new item or a quarantine fee in Australia or New Zealand. Extra charges before delivery can be a common trick with some movers!

Ask others that you have requested a quote from if there are any extras on top off their price and they will tell you that you "might" have to pay for customs inspection or x ray or security fees at the destination. Other charges can be fuel surcharges, documentation or handling fees. No one will tell you how much it will cost you but this could easily be an extra few hundred dollars charged at the destination with no back up paperwork that you have no option but to pay if you want your things.

EuroUSA International Movers WILL NOT charge anything extra at the destination unless we have documented proof that an extra charge did occur, and in the very rare event that something does occur, we will pass that cost on over to you at our cost with documented proof that it occurred.

Obviously if you live up a mountain, down a muddy track, have access issues that a large truck cannot get to you or live in a parking permit area or on the 10th floor with a long walk etc then yes there will be extra charges but most people we move pay nothing extra. We are that confident that our all-inclusive charges are ALL INCLUSIVE that if you think otherwise please call our Government Licensing Authority and report us.

Federal Maritime Commission. Tel 202-523-5807 Licensed Forwarder FMC # 020099NF

Please note if your shipment is quoted to arrival port or terminal, it does not include fees at destination which can include port, terminal and hand out over charges.
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