Moving Overseas for Retirement

Retiring OverseasWhen it comes to retirement, some of us have learned there are ways to live well on a retirement income overseas. You can retire to a place with warmer weather, a better quality of life, less crime, more cultural activities, healthier and less-expensive food, better and less-expensive health care…and you can do it for $2,000 a month or less, all in.

Once you have decided where to retire, you need to ask yourself whether to take all of your furniture and belongings, maybe your car as well or sell/ donate and gift things and just take your personal items with you. Either way, EuroUSA can work with you and keep within your budget for moving. EuroUSA has also built up a network of expats that they have moved or work with overseas that can answer many questions and concerns about import regulations and customs formalities as well as what to take and what to leave behind.

When it comes to retiring overseas, let EuroUSA International Movers take care of the moving stress. We have moved lots of happy retirees to places like Panama, Costa Rica, Belize, Ecuador, Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Mexico, and Nicaragua.

Planning To Retire Overseas? We Can Help !

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