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December 22, 2021
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Moving is always a challenge – moving internationally even more so! Taking the decision to relocate to a new country almost inevitably means that all the tasks associated with a move become more complex as you get to grips with a fresh way of doing everything from redirecting mail to arranging for utility connections. 


One of the biggest concerns for international relocators is how best to transport their possessions transnational. Whether you choose to take a few family heirlooms or favorite furniture items or wish to move the entire contents of your property, finding a reliable, hassle-free way of shipping your belongings can be a challenge.


EuroUSA provides a complete international shipping solution, offering a convenient, customizable method of moving goods from a to b, no matter where “b” might be.


Here we take a look at some of the most frequent concerns and FAQs that our customers have. Read on to discover the answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding international moving.



Are there any items that can’t be shipped internationally without specialist assistance?



Yes, although the good news is that you’re unlikely to want to take them anyway. There are a number of prohibited items, which broadly include items that are hazardous to transport (flammable materials, toxic chemicals, weapons, or biohazards) and items that are illegal.


If you have a legitimate reason for needing to ship any of these prohibited items (for example if you legally own a handgun and wish to ship it to your new residence), then these items need to go through a special set of processes before they can be shipped.


When you use EuroUSA for your shipping, we can advise on which, if any, of the items you want to ship are either prohibited or require special permission to be transported internationally.



How long will shipping my possessions take?



This depends on a number of factors, including the type and volume of items, the destination, budget, and deadlines. Obviously flying is the fastest way to ship goods large distances, but it’s also the most expensive method. Transport by boat is cheaper but takes longer. A freight company is going to shift your items more cheaply than a courier, but may well take longer.


Many people may prefer to compromise on their moving dates, perhaps arranging for essential items that they must have quickly to be flown to their new home, whilst saving money by having the bulk of their possessions shipped by boat. 


We provide customized moving solutions, enabling customers to tailor the moving support they receive to suit their budget and individual circumstances.



What happens if an item gets lost or stolen?



When you use us, your shipment is fully tracked. We always know which stage your goods are at during their journey. As the goods change hands (for example when being loaded onto a vessel or truck), they’re checked off, so we know they’ve moved on to the next part of their journey.


Goods are securely packed into a container, so it’s highly unlikely that they will go missing completely – containers are large and difficult to lose!


In the highly unlikely event that your possessions go missing, we can usually track them down quickly. We also suggest that you take out insurance to cover the cost of replacement “just in case”. 



What about storage if my new home isn’t ready yet?



If your new home isn’t ready and you’ve had to move out of your old home, we suggest renting a temporary storage facility. This can either be done here in the US or at your new destination. Many people prefer to rent here because they know of a suitable facility locally.


If required, we can move your goods into storage, or you may prefer to do the job yourself or use a suitable hauler. 


Once the goods are in storage, you can arrange for us to pick them up and send them on to you at your new address, once you’ve sorted out where that will be. 


Alternatively, you may prefer to have your goods shipped to their new destination, then stored locally until you’re ready for them to be moved to your new home. If you’re not sure which option is going to be best, give us a call and we’ll be happy to advise, based on our years of experience in successful international shipping. 



Is there anywhere that goods can’t be shipped to?



If there is, we haven’t come across it yet! Whilst some destinations can present logistical challenges, there will still be a hauler available who can transport your goods from the port to your new home. We live in a connected world, where even remote places are accessible by some form of wheeled transport. 


For adventurers who intend to live somewhere that isn’t easily accessible by road, we can arrange a charter flight if necessary, or work with local logistics experts to determine the best method of ensuring your goods end up where they need to be.


If your destination is somewhat off the beaten track, the earlier you let us know where you’re going, the easier it will be for us to determine the most cost-efficient, reliable method of moving your goods.


When it comes to your goods, international travel needn’t be stressful. EuroUSA offers a complete international shipping solution that can be tailored to your specific needs and budget.


We work with you to come up with shipping that’s right for your circumstances, offering dependable, trustworthy transport you can rely on to get your possessions moved safely.

Get in touch with the team at EuroUSA to find out more about international shipping, or to discuss your requirements in more detail.



Mark Nash
Mark Nash
Our resident Moving Doctor, Mark Nash is the president of EuroUSA and has been in the moving business for over 33 years. He currently sits on the board of the International Shippers Association and the Commercial Affairs committee at the International Association of Movers.

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