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5 Vital Things You Should Know About Before Moving Abroad

Moving Abroad

5 Essential Items To Cover Before Moving Abroad

So you are thinking of becoming an expat and moving abroad? Whether you are moving overseas for better work opportunities, retirement, experience a new lifestyle or to join your family, there are a few things you should know about before leaving the comfort of your home.

1. Living Costs

Find out in advance about the cost of living including house prices, rent, groceries, petrol prices and average salaries in your chosen destination. It is crucial have enough money to at least maintain a similar lifestyle as you had back home. Check to see how the health care system works and also local taxation rules that can affect you.

2. Cultural Differences & Local Customs

Depending on where you are moving, local customs, and cultural norms can differ significantly from what you’re used to at home. From the most obvious linguistic differences to variations in attitudes and phrasing, cultural differences can have a huge impact on your daily life. Prepare for some culture shock, and learn as much as possible about customs and etiquette in the new country before there.

3. Job opportunities

If you are a certified English teacher or an IT professional, Doctor or Scientist you will probably find it fairly easy to find employment in most countries, but others might have a slightly harder time. If you are planning to work while living abroad, you will have to explore your options, and find out about work visas, to get a job. This kind of information can be obtained online or from the Foreign Office. If you are self-employed, find out about tax regulations and any work permits you might also need. You should also find a job before moving overseas, not only might this be an easier way to find a job, it will help you realize your potential earnings and career options in that country.

4. What will you take with you?

You’ll need to find out about the regulations for taking your car, pets, boat, furniture and any personal items with you. Usually it’s fairly straightforward to ship belongings to most countries but, for example, if you are moving to China, or anywhere in the Middle East, regulations can be much more stringent, and your personal items, including computers, books, and DVDs might well have to go through physical inspections. EuroUSA Global Movers can certainly help you with this advice as well as moving everything door to door for an all-inclusive price.

5. Entry Requirements & Regulations

On the subject of work visas, do you need a visa to enter the country or can you legally work even without a work permit or arrive on a visitor’s visa? Regulations and requirements vary greatly, from Saudi Arabia, where you’ll need a formal invitation from inside the country and a stamp in your passport before you can fly, to many EU countries, where you can work and conduct business once the correct paperwork is filed with the future employer and the countries embassy. Find out about the specific requirements ahead of time to avoid any delays in your plans. Often if you already have work secured in your new country your new employer will help you with your visa requirements.

Remember at some stage you will always get homesick, living in a place is a lot different than going there on vacation, always have enough money to buy a ticket to come home if needed, and enjoy your new challenge. You will make lifelong new friends, have amazing memories and at any stage you can always move back home if you need to.

Mark Nash
Mark Nash
Our resident Moving Doctor, Mark Nash is the president of EuroUSA and has been in the moving business for over 33 years. He currently sits on the board of the International Shippers Association and the Commercial Affairs committee at the International Association of Movers.

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