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Move Overseas Like An Expert By Using One Word: KISS

How To Move Overseas Like An Expert

Keep It Simple Shipping (KISS) With International Moving.

I was buying a new TV the other day and the nice sales guy was showing me all these TV’s that were turned on showing amazing colors of food and butterflies etc asking if I wanted 4K, HD, Smart, LED, etc etc. I had no idea really what it all meant even though he had explained it all to me 5 minutes earlier, it just didn’t stick! All that terminology turned me off!

It got me thinking…… are we doing a good job explaining simply what we do without using technical terms that might turn our potential customers off!

So here is a simple step by step explanation about how an international move works without any fancy jargon that might turn you off!

Request Moving Quote & We’ll Help You Review Your Move

1: You give EuroUSA a call or request a free online moving quote and tell us the basics like where you are moving from and to and let us know if you have any specific requirements like, I need some boxes by air and the rest can take their time by ship. I have a grand piano, I live on the 5th floor and there is no elevator or I live down a mile long farm track that a truck cannot fit down, etc.

2: If necessary we will arrange an appointment to visit and view the items and discuss your move or arrange a suitable time where we can talk and view everything online via the wonders of modern technology.

3: Once we know what you are wanting to ship, we will send you an all-inclusive door to door quote. This will include arriving at your house at an agreed time to collect and pack everything, loading into a container, shipping to the destination, customs clearance and delivery, in other words, door to door.

Book Your Move, Do Your Paperwork & We’ll Help You Pack

4: We are quietly confident that you will be happy with our pricing and price guarantee and 5 star references that you will want to go ahead and book with us. (BTW, we won’t let a sleazy sales person hound you on the phone, may be one follow up email is about it. We respect your privacy and you will have all our contact info if you have any questions.)

5: After making a booking with us by completing a booking form online, we will start emailing you the paperwork and get you all scheduled in for the day you requested..

6: Our uniformed crew will arrive as scheduled and pack everything ready for export and get it all safely loaded.

7: Depending on if you are taking a part load or a full house load we will either take the items back to our local terminal and load everything on pallets or into crates or load everything into a shipping container at your residence.

8: The part load shipments will join other pallets and crates and get loaded into a shipping container and trucked to the port or the house load in the shipping container will be trucked from your house to the port.

Arrival At Your Destination & Help Unloading

9: We will complete all the export documentation and advice customs of your export and get the container through security and loaded onto the ship.

10: Once the container reaches the port at your destination, we will get it offloaded from the ship, enter all the documentation with customs and get the container cleared through customs as soon as possible. Once your shipment has cleared customs, we will arrange delivery to your new residence, where the local crew will put everything where you want it, un-wrap the furniture items and set up anything we might have dismantled for the journey.

That’s it. So whether you’re moving to Switzerland, moving back to the USA, moving to the UK for work or anywhere else in the world, it’s door to door simple shipping made easy with EuroUSA International Movers.

Remember Keep It Simple Shipping with EuroUSA!

Mark Nash
Mark Nash
Our resident Moving Doctor, Mark Nash is the president of EuroUSA and has been in the moving business for over 33 years. He currently sits on the board of the International Shippers Association and the Commercial Affairs committee at the International Association of Movers.

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